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Affordable Automation

IFTTT Recipes Explained And How To Use Them

Technology is revolutionizing the way we are living in the world today. It not only brings the whole world within our palms, but it is even converting our homes into smart homes. The degree of convenience that we are enjoying today is all because of the innovative technological advancements that

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Automation Electrical Wiring

3 Beautiful Smart Lighting Ideas With Detailed Guide

Looking for some inspiration for beautiful lighting ideas you can do with your smart lights. In this article, we’ll go through some real-life examples of some stunning and creative lighting ideas you could implement yourself. Some may be harder than others but with a little know-how and work, we’ll get

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circle home automation example and diagram
How To Guides

Easter Eggs & Hidden Features For Smart Devices

This page is dedicated to any and all easter eggs for all types of smart home devices. From lesser-known to complete hacks or hidden features. Fill free to post as this is community-based, where everyone can share great tips and knowledge. Use the title section for the name of the

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