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Smart Home Automation

Automate Anything

Is Making Your Smart Home a Smart Idea or More Hassle Than Needed?

If you are wondering what smart home technology is – it is a home equipped with smart home products. It can be monitored and remotely controlled with smart devices for better comfort, convenience, and security. With current technology, the future of intelligent sensors, voice recognition, and applications is here. They are capable of completing actions to make your living more convenient. You can be at work or vacation and still remotely control or monitor your home with your Smartphone or other network devices.

I am not saying AI is currently at a point where they can self create or complete all tasks without intervention. I mean honestly, my Google Home or Alexa will have trouble answering simple questions or sending a text message to the right person. Perhaps in another 10 or 20 years we will be saying something totally different.

In the meantime, I think we can relish in the idea of creating a beautiful experience with smart devices and control and automate the smaller things in life.

Is a smart home for you?

Smart home may not be for everyone, but it takes advantage of the current technology to make daily life more comfortable. You can improve your home life with an automated assistant. It will play your favorite music, keep track of your schedule, set reminder alerts. A smart home allows you to control lighting and thermostats or even your kitchen appliances. It can be installed for simple tasks or fully automated for more complicated actions.

Getting started: Smart home features

Not everything has to be automated for your home; you can begin to experience smart home with smart speakers or lightings. Even if you live in a small house or a big apartment, you can install smart home products. As technologies get more affordable, they can make life easier with tons of capabilities.

 Smart Speakers:

google home and phone together

Many smart speakers are readily available on the market today; it can be controlled via voice recognition technology to access commands. If the smart speaker features access to the internet or other connectivity, you can remotely pair it with your Smartphone and start – smart home experience – right away.

 Smart route:

Hub route allows you to connect with many other devices for easy accessibility. The smart hub is compatible with many devices. It will enable users to link other smart products. It can include devices such as motion sensor, voice detection, door locks, thermal detectors, kitchen appliances, and multimedia tools. You can make your living more comfortable with a smart hub, which does not require you to install a ton of apps for each device on your phone. Depending on the type of smart hub used, you can link multiple devices together. Keep in mind though the smart devices you can connect with each other will depend on the protocol they use. More can be read more about in our article about smart home protocols and smart home hubs.

What can you connect to your automated home setup?

There are several smart products readily available on the internet. You can make a list of essential needs and decide what is best for you. Most smart devices can be remotely controlled via the internet, Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee, Z-wave, or other branded protocols.

Smart lighting:

strip led lighting rgb

Smart lights are one of the most reliable and simplest ways to keep your home smart. Whenever you are back home from work feeling tired or waking up at night looking for switches, you can easily use voice recognition or commands to turn the lights off or on. There is always a manual switch if you prefer switching. However, the possibility to control the lighting of your house anywhere simply is fantastic.

Smart coffee machines:

Waking up to the sound of your alarm and simply giving commands to make coffee can be reliable, convenient, and time-saving. Some coffee machines not only prepare you coffees, but it can also set temperatures and allows customizations. If you are a lover of coffee, getting your coffee done is just an order away. However, the features of each machine may vary.

Smart locks:

Keeping your home secure is always the top priority. You can feel at ease by equipping your home with smart locks which can be unlocked via codes, paired phone, facial recognition, etc. You can set priorities on your smart lock, set one-time passcode to friends or families, or automatically unlock doors with your paired Smartphone.

 Smarter security cameras:

The new smart security cameras will allow you to view your home anywhere on any device which has access to the web. You can check on your family, pets, or children anywhere. Record videos, capture images, or even record audios. Turn your camera to view any part of the house with remotely controlled cameras. Some cameras feature 360° view angle for a more full image display.

Smart alarm clocks:

Alarm apps are readily available on any devices, but smart alarm clocks deliver more than just waking you up. Smart alarm clock can notify you about the weather forecast, play your favorite FM radio, traffic jam reports, and news. It can remind you about any specific activities or events.

The smart alarm clock can also wake you up early if the clock detects heavy traffic jams. It can also track your sleep and reminds you to go to bed early. It can play soothing audios of nature sounds to help you relax better, provide tips for better relaxation or exercise routines.

Smart thermal detectors:

Smart thermostats are one of the fastest-growing products among other smart products. It can detect the temperature of your house and set it to a preferable cooling or heating set point. Smart thermostats are popular for energy-efficient optimization; it can set the house cooler during the day and warms up in the evening. The thermostat will display the temperature and other statistics on the screen; you can change the settings manually or use your voice change to the heat of the house anytime.

 Smarter bathroom:

Having a smart bathroom is a dream for many, and now you can install automated devices throughout your bathroom. Fully equip your bathroom with smart mirrors, toothbrush, shower controls, and speakers.

Wrap up

In this 21st century, more and more people learn to embrace technology and living alongside technology. With technological advancements, we’ve become more reliant on machines for daily tasks, at work or home.

Technology has made work more efferent and convenient. You can dream about improving your home in any way that you can imagine. The future of technology is here, and more products are becoming easily available in recent years. You can focus on your without having to worry about daily tasks at home. Feel secure as you travel or go to work, smart devices are here to ensure quality lifestyle and provide 24/7 security for your home. Live smart comfortably!

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