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IFTTT Recipes Explained And How To Use Them

Technology is revolutionizing the way we are living in the world today. It not only brings the whole world within our palms, but it is even converting our homes into smart homes. The degree of convenience that we are enjoying today is all because of the innovative technological advancements that surround us.

A product of technology that is causing a massive shift-over is smart devices. They are one of the most prominent products of technology that are adding ease and automation in our lives. The digital lives we are living are expansive when considering the vast pool of devices, platforms, and services that we use today.

We have so many mobile applications and smart systems around us that managing all of these together can get very challenging and even frustrating sometimes. These devices or platforms might overlap in what they do, which can be very annoying sometimes.

Only if there was an effective way to make these devices work together. Wait. What? Well, there is something that can you in seamlessly managing all the apps and devices that you love in complete synchronization, and that is IFTTT.

Understanding IFTTT Isn’t That Complicated

Again we have the technology to thank for bestowing us with the ultimate solution for managing all the devices and applications that have become a part of our lives today. IFTTT is an abbreviation that stands for “If This, Then That.”

IFTTT is a web-based service that introduces us to an easy way to automate the repetitive tasks by building a link of communication between different platforms, devices, and services. It allows the user to create unique combinations of devices and applications that can take the degree of convenience to an entirely new level. The unique combinations users create are known as the applets or recipes.

IFTTT hit the tech industry in the year 2010 and was introduced with the slogan, “Put the internet to work for you.” Well, this tool is helping people do exactly that. You can use IFTTT to connect all the services, devices, and platforms to automate repetitive tasks.

You can streamline and automate the daily workflow and save your time by giving you creative control over the devices and services you are using. It is a completely free service that is bringing a high degree of ease in your lives.


To start using the service and to enjoy its benefits, you need to learn to use the service. It is pretty straightforward to use, and below are some simple steps included

Step 1: Navigate to the Website

To get started with IFTTT, you need to navigate to its website.

Step 2: Click on Sign-up

You will find the option of “sign-up” in the upper-right corner of the screen. It will take you to another page where you will have to enter your e-mail address and the password.

Step 3: Take the Crash Course

The best thing about IFTTT is that it provides a crash course to all people who are signing up for it. It is a way you will learn about the functionalities of the service and the right way to use it that will help you create the best applets.

Step 4: Choose the Right Channels

After the crash course, you will have to choose three channels of your interest. Make sure you select the ones that you have accounts for (this can be changed and added to as well). You will use these accounts to create applets or recipes. It is up to you how many channels you select. The minimum number of channels that you need to choose is three. When you press continue, you will be taken to a page where you will find recommended recipes.

You can choose any of the recommended applets or create your own; the choice is entirely yours.

The Applets

The most crucial part that you need to understand is the way you can create an applet. These applets are recipes that you make choosing any of the devices, services, or platforms. The service itself offers a lot of ready-made applets that are common and work perfectly to ease your lives! However, you have the chance to set up an applet of your choice.

Step 1: Login

To start creating an Applet using your creative mind, you need to login to the IFTTT’s website.

Step 2: New Applet

After logging in to the website, select your user name to start making the recipe. Click on the “New Applet” option to begin.

Step 3: Choose a Trigger

Take your cursor to the “If This, Then That” logo and click on “+This.” It will allow you to choose a trigger that will send the “run” command to the Applet you create. You will see a lot of options as your triggers. Pick one that you think is best.

Step 4: Set an Outcome

After choosing a trigger, it is time to set an outcome. You need to take your cursor to the “If This, Then That” logo and click on “+That.” It is the step where you determine exactly what you want your Applet to do.

Step 5: Review and Finish

The last step of Applet creation is to review the recipe you created, and once you are satisfied with it, you can click on “Finish.”

You can go to your account page and view your current recipes/applets. Here you can turn on and off the recipes you want to use or to be activated.

That is it; you now have created your first Applet. This will trigger one event when a certain action happens. There are other options you can add to IFTTT as well.

Adding a Widget to Your Phone

One example, you can add a widget on your Android or iPhone home screens and use the button to activate an IFTTT applet.

Adding Additional Filters to IFTTT Recipe

Another example is you can add filters or use a companies filter to add functionality. The filters can add timeframes for recipes to activate or extend the actions that occur when a recipe is turned on. Read some of our guides on IFTTT to find more information on how to implement filters and other features.

In Closing

The “If This, Then That” is a perfect example of how amazingly technology is filling our lives with convenience. Whether you choose a ready-made Applet or a tailor-made combination, this service will help you automate the workflow with utmost perfection. Connect your social-media notifications with your smart lighting system or connect your Facebook profile with your Twitter account; you can do anything and everything with IFTTT! Everybody likes automation, and with IFTTT, your life can become seamlessly automated. Enjoy the perks of the automated workflow in your day-to-day life with the amazingly free of cost web-based service!

On an ending note, you can check out our post on “Things You Might Not Know You Can Do With IFTTT.” In it, we give examples of some of the things besides, smart automation you can do with IFTTT.

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