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Comparison of different WIFI doorbell systems

WIFI doorbells, or smart doorbells, are a step up from your traditional old doorbells. These upgraded doorbells offer updated security and convenience for your home. You will find many doorbells systems that also provide video footage so that you can keep an eye on who comes and goes from your house and/or if there is any activity near your entrance. Its motion detections abilities send you notifications if there is any movement outside your front door.

You get two advantages with WIFI doorbells:

  1. You can have a two-way conversation with the person standing outside the door.
  2. You can check who is at the front door, so you know there is no threat to you when you open the door.

However, looking for a smart doorbell can be a daunting task as there are many options available; each comes with its own set of features, so it is best to check reviews and compare before you narrow your choices down to the one that suits you best.

Difference between WIFI and traditional doorbells

There are many advantages that you can avail of with smart doorbells, but the one we would like to highlight is the security provided by them. If you live alone or have kids at home, then you automatically tend to be more careful about entering your home and checking who is at the front door.

There are times we forget to lock the front door as well, and coming home can be anticipating, hoping that no one broke in. Wondering what awaits at the front door is no longer an option with smart doorbells.

Keeping an eye on the main door and managing it becomes much more comfortable with WIFI doorbells; you can check who is at the door from any room instead of having to get up and go to the front door.

Another difference between the two types of doorbells is that one allows you to check the front entrance with the help of videos, while the other doesn’t. It is more convenient and gives you more confidence in your home. Even if you are not at home, you can easily keep an eye on your front entrance and the safety of your home with the help of WIFI doorbells.

Benefits of WIFI doorbells

You will find out WIFI doorbells offer a lot of features, which makes them worth investing in. So if you are looking for a WIFI doorbell, then look for these benefits and features:

  • Video footage – you can easily access the video to your main entrance from anywhere, as long as you have WIFI. This way, you can check up on your house even if you are in another country, increasing the security of your home.
  • Notification – Depending on the App used, you should get notifications on your phone as well. On most smart doorbells, you should be able to set what type of notifications you receive. For example, when motion is detected or when someone rings the doorbell.
  • Night vision –night time activity outside the front door can be creepy, especially when you can’t see what’s happening. With WIFI doorbells, you get infrared night vision technology as well at your front door, enabling you to look at any activity taking place at night.
  • Audio capability – with many smart doorbells, you get two-way audio, allowing you to talk to the person on the other side of the door, be it a delivery man or a relative, you can tell them whether you are home or not. This feature is both useful and highly convenient.
  • Recording – if you feel that some activity takes place outside your door, but you are not sure, then simply make a video recording of that particular time of the day and have a look. if there is any intruder, then taking evidence to the station and ensuring your safety with the help of authorities becomes easier and quicker. It’s worth noting that many brands that offer video recording will charge a monthly fee to retain any video. This is true with Ring, a massive player in the smart doorbell game.

Comparison between WIFI doorbells

August Doorbell Cam Pro

One of the best things about this doorbell is that it comes with high-quality HD videos. Other than that, you can get two-way audio features, on-demand video streaming, motion detectors, pre-buffering as well.

The doorbell is relatively easy to install so that you can do that on your own as well, and if you have other August devices, then you can sync them up as it works well with other August devices as well. You will need to get a subscription if you want to record videos and view them later on. The cost of the doorbell is about $200. Also, you do not get any IFTTT integration with the doorbell.

The system gives you colorful and sharp videos, and with hindsight recording and motion detection, you will be able to keep an accurate eye on your front entrance.

Remobell S

If you are looking for a smart doorbell on a budget, then this is the best option for you. Besides being affordable, it also gives you sharp HD videos ensuring that you don’t miss any detail; you get motion detection and two-way audio as well. Another advantage is that you get free cloud storage with the device.

You can quickly get it to work well with Google Voice and Alexa as well. It is straightforward to install so that you won’t need help, and it supports IFTTT as well, which means that it can efficiently operate on other devices as well. However, installing it means that you will need to wire it, so be prepared for that. Also, the video it records is done in fisheye mode.

Ring Peephole cam

One of the best things about this device is that it does not have any wires at all, so installation becomes really easy. You will get the video in a sharp 1080p HDR.

You can easily replace your peephole lens on your door with the Ring peephole camera. It will then work as a motion detector, two-way audio, video recorder, and the ability to check who is at your front door before you open it. The device works perfectly well with Alexa.

You will, however, need to get a subscription to be able to view the recorded video. Also, one con of the device is that you may witness some barrel distortion.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

The doorbell looks sleek and smart and allows you to see your front entrance in real-time, so you can check who came to your house while you weren’t home, and with pre-buffering, you can be sure of checking everything.

The video you get is sharp and 1080 p. The device supports IFTTT, which means that you can operate it on other devices as well. It works well with Alexa commands. You get motion detection and streaming on-demand, as well. The device is easy to install.

However, it is expensive, and if you want access to your recorded videos, then you will have to pay extra. You may also witness some barrel distortion with the doorbell.

Nest Hello

Not only does this device have a sleek design, but it also comes with the facial recognition features, so it will tell you who is at your front door, and if it’s an unfamiliar face. You get motion detection with it along with sound detection too. The video you get is sharp and HD in quality. It works well with the voice commands of Google Assistant and Alexa.

You may need help with setting up the device as there is some electrical wiring involved. You will also need to get a subscription if you want to use many of the features the device offers, which can increase the price. To use it, there must already be a chime box.

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